Why Emotional Cleansing is Essential for Spiritual Health

For a human to experience divine peace is truly a matter of dedication and purity of mind. Attaining this pure state of mind needs sincere efforts and emotional balance. While growing up, the surrounding circumstances make you feel as if it is very difficult to let go off certain emotions or issues. These blockages certainly are caused by storing up thoughts and emotions (most commonly referred to as black bags) that we are sometimes unable to deal with. Dr. Paul Goodwin, in his book Foundation Theory, he has explained well the ways in which these black bags can be measured along the neural pathways.

Spiritual Health

The black bags tend to go everywhere you direct them by your language or bodily gestures. For example, a person who doesn’t like his job and continually say,” This job causes a pain in my neck” may experience a real pain in the neck or head. Further, anytime of the person experiences a negativity at work, his unconscious mind redirects the black bag exactly where it was earlier instructed to. Habitually using phrases like ‘My heart feels heavy’ due to any specific circumstance or event, black bags tend accumulate in the area and create a profound physiological effect. If you never let out instructions as to where the black bags must go, your unconscious spreads them evenly rather than piling them up in a single area.

Though negative emotions like anger, fear, and guilt are not always bad, they can send us signals about our surroundings and experiences. However, holding them for long and even after their point of natural release, they can be harmful to your body, soul, and spirit. Physically, almost all of us are motivated naturally to perform cleansing before something new comes in. We usually clean the house before guests come in, we take a shower before going out for work, we wash our food before eating, and many other times even without noticing that we are doing it. Why don’t we adapt this cleansing mechanism on our emotional selves too as religiously as we do at other times? People remarry with the anger and rejection of their past marriages, they grow their children with the fear of their own childhood, they start a new job with the fear of failure from their previous job. All this tends to turn the black bag into a baggage!

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