Overpowering Your Mind to Get Rid of Hatred & Anger

Life is too short to be spent feeling angry or hating anybody. So, one must learn to overcome these negative emotions to live a life full of happiness and free from resentment. Here are some easiest ways to reduce hatred and find your path towards happiness.

Overpowering Your Mind


When you hate somebody, many a times it is not the person but the circumstance that has gone wrong. When you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, you might find that in that particular situation, you also would have reacted in the same manner and the anger is gone. It is so simple. Think lovingly of the person you hate even though it seems meaningless at first. Slowly, you’ll start realizing that this exercise has actually impacted your thoughts about that person. It is not only for their good but for your own too.


When doing something for someone lightens up the flame of expectations in your mind, there are chances that you are going to feel resentful if the expectations are not met. The ‘what’s in for me’feeling leads to negative emotions building up which eventually starts deteriorating the quality of relationships.


It is really helpful to practice gratefulness everyday as it reminds you of all the nice things you have come across and the wonderful people you have met. When you focus on what you have accomplished, it is difficult to hold on to the things you never had.


Although you spend considerable time planning for something of your interest since a long week, some other emergency may arise and you might be disappointed. Now, the choice is whether to stay in that situation of anger and distress or relax for a while, take deep breaths and adapt to the situation that comes through. One cannot decide the future and thus must not be adamant if fate had something else in store for them.

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