Does Physical Exercise Acquire Spiritual Benefits?

The answer is definitely – Yes. Suppose your body is a place of worship and your brain is the throne room. The brain makes room for God to communicate with you. However, if the place of worship falls apart, communication will break too.

Regular exercise helps keep your body fit and preserve spirituality. Obviously, sitting is a more comfortable position than standing. We sit at work, sit when relaxing at home, sit to dine, sit during prayers, sit while studying, and actually find reasons to sit. But too much of sitting will eventually fetch you physical ailments. We always tend to choose a thing that is within our comfort zones.

Physical Exercise for Spiritual Benefits

Healthcare professionals recommend at least an hour of work out in a day to remain fit and escape from illnesses. It requires proper planning to develop a routine exercise habit as we always complain of lack of time (it’s actually an excuse). It is usually good to have some physical activity before or after dinner and those who dedicatedly devote 30-40 minutes of vigorous physical activity every day get the maximum benefits.


Brain Power – During exercise the brain gets an ample supply of fresh oxygen and clears the mind of stress, sadness, depression, and anger.

Physical Swiftness – A healthy body is free from illnesses by removing waste and toxins that could possibly harm your organs. An inactive body is a home to diseases as it weeds its healthy functioning.

Purpose Build-up – Exercising does not necessarily mean holding your dumbbells or working out on the treadmill. Take up interesting jobs such as applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls, cleaning your garden, or mowing the lawn which will fulfill your motive of work-out while adding purpose to it too.

So much important is exercise in our lives. It wakens up your senses and brightens the spiritual self within you. If you have trouble focusing on physical vitality, join our physical vitality sessions that induce self-empowerment within yourself. Visit to know more details.

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