Reiki Healing and Mental Health – Must Know Truth

Human bodies are capable of healing themselves. However, it needs to remain in certain state to do so. Reiki is a healing mechanism that provides a conscious intention to the healing process. It improves the body’s acceptance levels and utilizes internal as well as external energies to heal. Reiki is a great way to improve on your health aspects by cutting down on stress. It is a self-healing mechanism while boosting your immune system and reducing anxiety.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is Spiritual

Some beliefs state that Reiki is religious, which is not true. It is not religious, it is spiritual. It hails from Japan and has proven to be effective over the years that more and more people are using it around the globe. Even the medical practitioners have incorporated it into the therapy procedures they offer.

Reiki is Controlled by the Receiver

It is the person who receives the treatment who can control the power. Actually, the therapy receiver cures himself because the amount of energy he accepts will decide the effectiveness. In this way, the person who channels Reiki energy doesn’t actually control it neither can it cause harm. In fact, Reiki itself has a built-in protection system that shields the receiver from negative energy.

Reiki is Universal

Reiki brings in universal energy which is a limitless source. It functions on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level and does not cut the supply of energy coming from the person who channels it.

Reiki Treats the Whole Body

The therapy covers the complete body externally as well as internally and treats it through energy. Apart from healing the physical illness, it also gives emotional well-being, internal peace, relaxation, and security. This is possible as Reiki treatment procedure covers all glands, organs and major energy centers of the body. Also, it can be comfortably used in combination with other medical treatment procedures.

Reiki seems mysterious to most people. However, it is being popularly accepted these days as a method of healing. At Pillars of Enlightenment, we arrange powerful Reiki sessions for physical and emotional healing. Visit to get certified Reiki training's.

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