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Overpowering Your Mind to Get Rid of Hatred & Anger

Life is too short to be spent feeling angry or hating anybody. So, one must learn to overcome these negative emotions to live a life full of happiness and free from resentment. Here are some easiest ways to reduce hatred and find your path towards happiness. LEARN TO BE EMPATHETIC When you hate somebody, many…
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Why Emotional Cleansing is Essential for Spiritual Health

For a human to experience divine peace is truly a matter of dedication and purity of mind. Attaining this pure state of mind needs sincere efforts and emotional balance. While growing up, the surrounding circumstances make you feel as if it is very difficult to let go off certain emotions or issues. These blockages certainly…
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A Cure to Your Emotional Illness – Emotional Balancing Sessions

Feeling low on the emotional front? Or not sure what’s happening around? If you suddenly feel lonely and disconnected from the worldly matters, there is a serious reason to believe that something is not right with your emotional health and you need to cure it. Maintaining emotional balance is very critical and not everyone can…
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