Monthly Membership

What is the Angelic Blessing.....

We offer a Weekly Light Blessing from The Angelic Light Councils that bless you with a Light Infusion of Blue Diamond Light Rays from Central & Great Central Suns to expand into your Light Body & energy fields for greater souls growth and balance with natural laws. This is to assist with the upgrades and rebalance of the cosmic light pouring into the planet. A lot of what the world is feeling and the major changes occurring are due to the light uptake from the Universe. This is the New Paradigm Shift many have waited for. But the Earthly bodies of both humans and animals along with the emotional and mental bodies need to adjust to this new flood of energies. Under the Direction of Archangel Gabriel, Ariel, and Zadkiel with The Diamond Light Angels are assisting those who ask and allow.

Every Week an email on Sunday at 9 am is send out with the channeled angel message and wisdom for that week. Then Every Monday "Moon Day" we will connect to the Divine Blueprint of Holy Love & Holy Grail Grids to bridge and align the Divine Light within your Heart, 12 Chakras, and all around your home, city, and country. This is a powerful weekly blessing.

Angelic Weekly Blessings offers you an opportunity to be inspired on raising your vibration to become your greatest version. A blessing & clearing is sent out to all members, assisting them in finding the harmonious rhythm in their daily life. Welcome to our Family of Light -

Monthly contribution $12.

Some of the Benefits are:
~ Angelic Guidance & Comfort
~ Getting to know the Angels
~ Tips & Messages for the Week
~ Elevating your Consciousness
~ Staying connected to the Family of Light
~ Maintaining well-being, balance & clarity