Angelic Guidance & Messages


Angel Guidance

$144 full session - $77 ½ half hour -

One question $30

What is an Angelic Guidance Session?

The Angelic Kingdom is always with us and provides wisdom and guidance for life's situations. All we need to do it tune in and ask for their Higher Angelic Perspective. Angels talk to us every day in many ways but most the time we are too busy to see the signs or messages.

In an Angelic Guidance Session, Mia provides information and knowledge from the Angelic Kingdoms that is needed for the situation at hand, so you can obtain a deeper understanding and move forward. You're never stuck, but sometimes it is painful to make a decision. The Angelic Kingdoms can bring you a sense of peace, clarity and overall inspiration in all areas of life.

The Angels see the higher perspective that we don't, mainly due to the emotional or mental confusion we are in during these times of change. Mia facilities the energy of Archangels & Angels to bridge in what is needed to reach a greater mind, body and soul connection.



$108 for Angelic Monthly Members


What is transforming Karma to Dharma?

The Karmic Broad along with the Angelic Legions of Light work with your unified energy fields to bring forth Divine Light to assist in cleansing the energy fields, see the lessons as blessings, understanding and releasing energetic blockages that keep you in a low frequency and stuck in a karmic loop, where you keep attracting the same kind of people, places, things, and events. This session is most powerful and needed at this time of great expansion, this will allow you to align with your pathway and divine soul’s blueprint and live the life that was designed for you.

We advise before doing any deeper ascension work like DNA Activations, energy training or working on your core issues, you get cleared and have a deeper understanding of energy fields and karmic laws. It is essential that you clear the top auric attachments and karmic imprints to get the most out of future advanced energy sessions, so you will be able to raise your vibration and integrate more light and live a well-balanced healthy life.


Heart-linking with the Archangels allows you to reconnect to your Divine Self and live more from the Heart. It will assist in deep soul healing, remembrance of your soul’s path, and experience Divine JOY.

Each Divine Ray is Governed by an Ascended Master, Angel and Archangel to better assist in the reconnection of your unified fields of light and magnify the awakening process in living more soulfully.

$44 each

BLUE RAY - Michael & Faith for Divine Truth & Strength

GREEN RAY - Ralphel & Mary for Divine Healing & Abundance

YELLOW RAY - Jophiel & Christina for Divine Illumination & Wisdom

PINK RAY - Chamula & Charity for Divine Adoration & Peace

WHITE RAY - Gabriel & Hope for Divine Direction & Purity

RED RAY - Uriel & Aurora for Divine Devotion & Manifestation

VIOLET RAY - Zadkiel & Amethyst for Divine Mercy & Transformation