Angels & Master Guides


Mia has been working and communicating with Angels since childhood. She has traveled all over the world to bring hope and messages that remind us of our connection to the Angelic Realms.

This session is a wonderful way to get connected and hear the Angelic way. They can provide wisdom for life questions or guidance for life's challenges. Find out what your angels are saying. Get solutions to apply to your situations. Angels assist us every day and give us a deeper awareness, so it is easier to understand and move forward. You're never stuck, but sometimes it is painful to make a decision. Angels can help bring you a sense of peace and clarity and overall inspiration.



These 4 different Attunements, can be done in a group or privately -in person or by phone. Mia will Attune you to the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, who are here to assist in restoring balance, hope, faith, divine love, abundance and vitality in your life. Attunements will last as long you wish them too. The Angels will become part of your everyday life while keeping you connected. They will assist in bringing tools for everyday issues along with Wisdom for your soul and practical tools for everyday living.

Get to know and partner with the Archangels.  This Attunement is for those who wish to align and use the healing energy for themselves or others.

Are you wishing to experience:

  • True Joy
  • Overall well-being
  • Vitality
  • Peace of mind
  • Clarity
  • Connection to Higher Self
  • Divine Flow
  • Balance of heart, mind, and soul
  • Finding  Purpose

   $55 each angel attunement

All 4 attunements $180


For Protection & Deep Clearing

If you feel that your energy has been compromised by negative entities or dark energy, this session is designed to clear it, bring rebalance and protection to your fields of energy. Archangel Michaels Shield is the powerful way of clearing and removing Spiritual Attachments & Non-beneficial entities and keeping your fields protection going forward.

When to choose this session:

  • Feelings of extreme anxiety and panic
  • Feelings of extreme anger and fear
  • Extreme negative thinking
  • Having disturbing images in your mind
  • Paranoid thoughts & emotions
  • Extreme bad luck
  • Nightmares
  • Thoughts of aggression & violence
  • Not feeling 'yourself'
  • Feeling that there is a clamp on your chest or your throat
  • Fatigue and inability to focus on your life due to constant anxiety

Shield of Michael will keep you protected and in awareness, he works with the law of cause and effect.

    $44 for ½ hour  

  $88 for hour  


Repairing your Magnetic Fields

So many energy that can disrupt your magnetic field from power lines, landlines, electric grid,  work environment, cell phones and even weather can affect your overall well being or state of consciousness.  This can literally affect your brain and overall health and vitally - Archangel Metatron shield has been handed down to assist mankind during times of influx. We have to live in the world but we don't have to be affected emotional mental and physical by our everyday electronics

When to choose this session:

  • Tried even with sleep
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • OCD or ADD or ADHD
  • Emotional Stress
  • Brain Fog
  • Constant Conflict
  • Planetary or effect by weather
  • Air Travel  – Physical Over-Stress
  • Medications, Alcohol Excess, Toxins
  • Inappropriate Attitude/Control issues/Ego Imbalance

Shield of Archangel Metatron will protect repair your fields and keep you in a state of balance.  Shield of Metatron works with the law of vibration among other laws to keep everything in balance for your optimal well being.

    $44 for ½ hour  

  $88 for hour  


Emotional Clearing & Embracing Divine Love

If you are experiencing extreme emotional stress or anxiety as a result of a situation or something that may not be apparent to you and you need clearing and direction then Archangel Raphael session is for you:

When to choose this session:

  • Sudden onset of extreme fear & anxiety
  • Situation of major emotional distress (breakup, fight, drama, etc)
  • Feeling overcome by sadness and needing to be pulled out of it
  • Important life situation which you need to be level-headed and emotionally balanced for (job interview, test, court, first date, etc)

Shield of Raphael will bring you into Illumination and Joy. Raphael work with the law of polarity and bring overall balance

    $44 for ½ hour  

  $88 for hour  


This is a beautiful session to bring closure and enlightenment to subject not talk about in today’s world.  Archangel’s Gabriel and Archangel Azrael assist with bringing forth the comfort needed to release guilt, grief, and fear around death and losing a loved one, so we can open our hearts once again.  Archangel Gabriel calls this the right of passage and celebrates the circle of life. This is highly beneficial to you and the loved one who took their soul journey beyond this world. Angels assist daily with this and wish to bridge that truth to you so you too can find peace of mind and hope in a time of unknown worlds.



Archangel Ariel & Angel Daniel oversee this session and are the Keepers of the Diamond light Ray - The Diamond Light Codes are 'symbols' that bring in the structures of living light, “creational codes”. They awaken dormant aspects within your DNA, helping to align you with the frequencies of energy streaming onto our planet at this time. They hold and transmit vibrational frequencies to move smoothly into the higher dimensions and bridge the Heavens to Earth As above so within, so without. This is part of the Ascension pathway and assists in reconnection to your Oversoul & Lightbody.

5 reasons why you would choose this session:

  • Belief changes
  • Desire to Serve Humanity or World
  • Feeling connected to outer worlds - Star Systems
  • Heart awakening feeling too much all at once
  • Spiritual awaken but have not clarity or direction - confusion



This session is for those wishing to know more about who their personal spiritual team. By knowing your Angels, Guides, and Master Teachers they can assist you more on your path of your soul's journey. This will assist you in your intuition development and get the higher perspective in times of need.

5 reasons why you would choose this session.

  • Get ideas that will service your highest potential
  • They can assist you when no one else is around for everyday solutions
  • They can provide extra protection, always keep you safe
  • The can assist with the right diet, exercise plan, job and move.
  • You will never feel alone you will always have a friend by your side