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What is Esoteric Astrology Reading?
Esoteric Astrology addresses the mysteries of the spiritual, intellectual, moral, and physical chemistry of the Human Soul.

This ancient technique will assist in finding the path of one's spirit which comes from the stars, the path of one's soul which comes for the planets and the path of the one's body which one for the elements.

Esoteric Astrology has been used since the beginning of time to assist humanity throughout the ages to find the true purpose of their souls in this beautiful world.

This ancient astrology is much more than an art or a science, it is a way of life to completely formulate living aligned with universal truths and manifest physically through particular techniques that we can use in these chart readings.

Choose from one of these Esoteric Astrology Readings:

  • Natal Birth Chart
  • Natal Birth Chart
  • Progressive Chart
  • Relationship Astrology
  • Financial Astrology
  • Karmic Astrology
  • Starseed Astrology
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Medical Astrology
  • Past, Present and Future lives Reading

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$144 each - Session times are 1 ½ hour by phone or in person

Tarot Reading

$101 full reading

One question $30


What is Tarot Reading -

Tarot is an ancient system of reading your situation from where you are to where you're going and what needs to change, so it can change the outcome of your current life situations.

This is a wonderful reading to see deeper into what decisions need to be made to move in a new direction for a better outcome.