Love & Relationship Sessions

Love and Relationships

Our Philosophy of Love…

Love is an eternal philosophy that drives life of all the beings on this planet. It is an inexpressible feeling many of us would have experienced in various forms. Love strengthens a relationship, love is the power that can endure all things, rejoice in all things and glorify all things. Love is often portrayed as a powerful force, something that can inspire greatness in the lover. However, the other side can be quite dangerous; the beautiful feeling can be utterly devastating if it doesn’t work out.

Those broken hearts speak out loud of the miserable phase they go through. Loneliness, betrayal or disapproval may take lovers into a distressful situation and that unpleasant trance may invite negative vibes and dejection. Love does not intend to harm any being; it is such a beautiful thing that can work wonders. However, at times, we humans place ourselves and our worldly virtues over the divine feeling that degrades the heavenly meaning. Think of it this way -falling in love because you've come up with a list of good reasons doesn't sound very romantic. It sounds cold and calculating, not something we might want to dignify with the label "love".

Many individuals in the service of love simply perpetuate errors. They fail to realize that the fundamental proof of the presence of love is that we shall love more perfectly and serve more kindly. Love is not determined by what we know, but by what we do. Our greatest purpose in life is to become worthy of this love.

Blessings of Hope, Love & Faith

Ledian & Mia Toska


Which Archetype are you? Chemical, Material, Karmic, and Spiritual. This session will assist in the why, what and how love should be or become. Many people are finding themselves in repeated patterns in relationships. This is an assessment of where you are and where you wish to be.

Which Archetype Level are you in? And See how you can Change your Pattern.

  • Chemical -Based on Physical attractions and needs
  • Material - Based on Physical and Mental needs
  • Karmic - Based on Emotional or Mental and Spiritual
  • Spiritual - Based on Divine Love and Soul to Soul connections & True Love



In this session, couples find themselves at odds and need rekindling from time to time. Communication is the key to a relationship and sometimes we have misunderstandings from our past experiences. Don't let old ego or past patterns ruin a good relationship. We assist you in finding your love language again and spark the fire within your hearts to grow stronger than before. A Powerful Session - We have assisted many in Finding Love again.

5 Love Languages

  • Words of Affirmation: Expressing affection through spoken affection, praise, or appreciation.
  • Acts of Service: Actions, rather than words, are used to show and receive love.
  • Receiving Gifts: Gifting is symbolic of love and affection.
  • Quality Time: Expressing affection with undivided, undistracted attention.
  • Physical Touch: It can be cuddling or holding hands. With this love language, the speaker feels affection through physical touch.



Releasing memory emotions from the past - All intimate partners from our past and present have left their energy imprint within the cellular memory wall of the yoni or inner wall of the female body. It is important to clear old memories, old partner, and past emotions associated with those experiences, for the womb holds a memory of every incident that has happened to you and encodings from your ancestors as well. All the emotions, plus the memory of the actual events that trigger those feelings are stored here in the womb. This session is mainly for women but men would benefit as well they are effective in a little bit different way.

5 reason why you need this session:

  • Can not stop thinking of the ex-partner
  • Lost your identity after the relationships
  • Anxiety in new relationships
  • Fear of abandonment or loss
  • Hormone imbalances



Drawing on sacred traditions from ancient womb wisdom, this session is designed to bring in the activation and tools to balance the masculine and feminine energies within, reconnect you to your higher self and assist you in living more consciously. This activation will begin to release and clear the lineage of old imprint patterns carried on from generation to generation. This is a core energy point within the sacral chakra is called the Sacred Holy Womb, one of the most sacred and powerful points within our bodies. When cleared and reconnected it allows you to flow and create with the Divine energy and live in your truth.

Do you wish to clear:

  • Insecurities
  • Imbalance hormones
  • Mental Fog
  • Family Karma Patterns for Mother’s Lineage
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Codependency

Do you wish to experience:

  • Feeling Empowered & balanced
  • Soul - Nourishing Relationships
  • Allowing, Respect and honor for self and others
  • Living your passion
  • Abundance flowing
  • Overall well being and vitality
  • Mental Clarity


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