Love & Relationship Sessions

Love and Relationships

Our Philosophy of Love:

Love is an essential part of life, without it we can not grow internally or externally. Many of us have been in love, and there have been countless great poems and favorite songs written about it. So you'd think that we'd all know what it is — a lot of what has been written points to a profound mystery. The biggest question has been asked - what is this thing called love? Love is the most significant attribute that we can cultivate and develop. Love is the power that can endure all things, rejoice in all things and glorify all things. Love is often portrayed as a powerful force, something that can inspire greatness in the lover.

Alternatively, it is something that can make the lover act like a fool. Love can be the greatest feeling in the world, but it can also be utterly devastating when it doesn't work out. How many love songs are really about heartbreak over love lost? Listen to a few, and it's a wonder we ever love at all. Love is indeed not a weakness, but the greatest strength. Given these observations, we might be inclined to think that there's a significant element of irrationally to love. However, we should be careful here; perhaps love can have reasons too. Think of it this way -falling in love because you've come up with a list of good reasons doesn't sound very romantic. It sounds cold and calculating, not something we might want to dignify with the label " love,"

Many individuals in the service of love perpetuate errors. They fail to realize that the fundamental proof in the presence of love is that we shall love more perfectly and serve more kindly. Love is not determined by what we know, but by what we do. Our highest purpose in life is to become worthy of this love.

Our Love and Relationships sessions are created on the essential fundamental of the highest levels of human compassion as well as truth and integrity. The benefits of our love sessions will assist you in finding or maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship with life & love itself.

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Individual - $108

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Family $297

We recommend four sessions for total transformation.

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