Soul Mate Connections

Love and Relationships

What is a Soul Mate Connection?

All relationships are for our mutual growth and personal evolution. In the Case of Soul Mates or Twin Flames, it goes to the next level of love. Many people are finding themselves looking for a deeper connection at a souls level, beyond the physical and emotional needs. Soulmate or Twin flames are coming together in this now time to assist each other in becoming their greatest versions and in return assisting the Earth’s vibration as we enter into a new paradigm.

This is a true balance of creating with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine together and within. These relationships can be challenging if not understood by the heart and soul or if there is still karmic lessons to complete. Ledian and Mia have devoted their lives in hopes to assist others in awakening and connecting to their soulmate, twin flames, and divine partners.

Steps to Manifesting your Twin flame or Soulmate

4 steps - 1-hour sessions -

$99 each

Four steps in connecting to your Soulmate or Twinflame - Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritual the 4 pillars of LOVE. These sessions will focus on the development of your energy centers, raising your vibration and realignment with your Mind, Body, and Soul. Also will include - The Spiritual Heart Opening Activation. Twin flames and or Soul Mate are a Heart-centered connection. Both persons need to be in a giving and receiving energy of love to create this beautiful divine dance of two souls. Are you ready to call in your Twin or Soul Mate?

Healing from Karmic Relationships


This session will assist you in releasing the karmic cords and emotional triggers from a karmic relationship. It is important to clear old memories, old partner, and past emotions associated with those experiences, for the Womb/Hara or "sacral chakra" holds a memory of every incident that has happened to you and encodings from your ancestors as well. All the emotions, plus the memory of the actual events that trigger those feelings are stored here in this area and create scars and blockages in the heart chakra.

This session includes a spiritual guidance from Ledian and Mia, a deep clearing of the Womb/Hara through a channeled meditation and working with 21-day forgiveness prayers and heart healing affirmations. A very powerful session for those wishing to break the karmic cycle in relationships.

Astrological Compatibility Report



Is your Love written in the Stars “ What is above -so is below” See where you and your partner are in harmony and where there are discords. This chart reading will assist couples in finding the rhythm and compatibility in all areas of their partnership . This is a very helpful tool to have, so the couple may have a deeper understanding of each other and work together for a more harmonious lasting relationship.

SoulMate Tarot Reading



This is a card reading to see what the possible outcome of a present or future partner will be. See what the Oracle of LOVE holds for you.