Spiritual Transformation


“He who lives the life shall know the doctrine” - Manly P Hall

In this grand time of expansion, many are awakening but still have so many questions and need further guidance or a daily practice. By following a daily spiritual practice, this brings a significant benefit in bridging the mind and heart in harmony for living consciously and in abundance. One can then enhance and allow this awareness to uplift and feed the soul what it needs for its unfoldment.

Our Spiritual Transformation sessions focus on understanding, listening, and honoring the awakening to the Unity Consciousness. Our Sessions are a great way to receive ongoing support with your intentions to become your most magnificent self and consciously align your mind, body, and spirit. When we repattern and allow the divine energy to flow, there is a shift in the limiting benefit systems, and old patterns are released to make room to step into the new way of living soulfully.

If you come from a religious background and are looking to step into a more in-depth spiritual connection, then our one on one sessions will benefit you in finding those answers to life questions.

As a team, we work with you in using several ancient wisdom and spiritual practices to support you in the Soul’s Journey to Wholeness.

We are honored to assist you with bringing in the highest guidance and assistance by designing a personalized spiritual practice that focuses on your inner guidance and spiritual growth. This in return will assist in overcoming obstacles on your journey by cultivating a beautiful connection to the Divine in hopes to bring forth and maintain wisdom, strength, harmony, happiness, love, and inspiration into everyday living.

Our time together is focused on your core blockages, spiritual needs, reconnection of the mind, body, and spirit.

The first consultation session is 90 mins and is an assessment of your spiritual goals and questions. - Then follow up sessions are generally 45 mins. We recommend a series of four to eight sessions so we can have time to build upon insights, practices, and breakthroughs and create a sturdy foundation to build on for your new spiritual path.

We offer a package base on your financial ability

Please call Ledian and Mia for details