Spiritual Mentoring



“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” - Marcus Aurelius

By following a daily spiritual practice, this will enhance intuition and elevate vibrational frequencies that feed the soul and allows you to flow with life not wrestle with life.

Mia & Ledian assist and teach the clients to live beyond the mental, emotional and physical aspects and live their present life situations fully with a body, mind, and soul awareness.

Spiritual Mentoring

Our Spiritual Mentoring sessions focus on understanding, listening and honoring the awakening and unity of the mind, body, and soul. Spiritual Mentoring is a way to receive ongoing support with your intentions to become your most magnificent self and consciously align with your soul's path by shifting the limiting benefit systems and patterns that have kept you feeling stuck.

Ledian and Mia use a number of techniques and spiritual practices to support you in the soul’s journey to wholeness. Which includes Dream Work, Emotional Healing, Guided Personalize Meditation, Spiritual Nutrition, Angelic Wisdom, IET, Reiki, Developing Healthy Energetic Boundaries “cord cutting”, Aura Cleansing, and Chakra Balancing.

We, Ledian & Mia are honored to work with you and bring in the highest guidance and assistance by designing a spiritual practice that focuses on your inner wisdom and personal spiritual growth. This will also assist you in overcoming obstacles on your journey by cultivating a beautiful connection to the Divine in hopes to bring forth and maintain wisdom, strength, harmony, happiness, love, and inspiration into everyday living.

Over a few sessions, we can:

  • Recognize where you are on your spiritual journey
  • Have Clarity on the direction which is a need for you to become your true self.
  • Heal past fears, guilt, resistance, anger, or other “negative” emotions that might hinder your progress.
  • Develop spiritual practices that work for you and are useful in expanding your awareness.
  • Improve your personal and spiritual growth
  • Align with the mind, body soul for conscious living.
  • Explore answers to your most profound spiritual questions
  • Incorporate Universal Laws & Principles into your life to achieve harmony thru conflicts.

Our time together is focused on whatever your current spiritual needs and interests are. This first consultation is $180 1 1/2 hour - then follow up sessions are generally 45 mins offered for $ 108 per session. We recommend a series of 4 spiritual mentoring sessions so that we can have time to build upon insights, practices, and breakthroughs so that you have a sturdy foundation to build on your new spiritual path.

We offer a package of 4 Spiritual Mentoring sessions for $390. (Savings of $42).

1st session - $180

Follow up - $108

Package $390