Spiritual Remedies



Our Philosophy on Spiritual Remedies is based on harmonizing and balancing the powerful qualities of Element Kingdoms, Planetary Logos and all the Divine Beings that guide and protect humankind.

Our Spiritual Remedies are designed on improving your personal and spiritual development, so you may live the life you dream of.

These ancient techniques have been used throughout the world to assist the individual in their spiritual quest for overall well-being, finding peace, security, and happiness in everyday life.

Ledian and Mia's knowledge for these spiritual remedies has been passed down from both their family lineage. Throughout years of studies and careful observation, we have found some very specific Alchemical Formulas which have been used in both the Ancient Oriental and Occidental worlds.

Our Spiritual Remedies assist you with :

  • Removing energy blockage for Better Financial, Prosperity and Living Abundantly.
  • Releasing Karmic and Unhealthy Energetic Cords from Family, Past Lives, Relationships, Ley Lines, Physical Health Issues, Mental Thoughtforms, and Emotional Platforms.
  • Achieving Greater Manifestation by clearing and balancing the Karma attached to Your Name, Life Path, and Density Path.
  • Removing Negative Attachments, Black Magic and Spells.
  • Womb Clearing to remove negative cords and assisting in manifest a Soul-Nurturing Relationship.

For a more tailored and personalize remedy for an issue not mentioned above please email us at pillarsofenlightenment@gmail.com.

Call Ledian for more detail or to schedule a session 216-785-6204

$144 each - Session times are 1 ½ hour by phone or in person