The Goddess Path



This session will assist you to get a clear vision and empower you to step into your journey. As women, we hold so much in our sacral and heart chakras, which makes it difficult to move forward and embrace our true soul essence or awaken the Divine Goddess within.

We feel undervalued, overwhelmed, unbalanced and sometimes we give but don't receive back equally. This is common in all cultures across the world, but during these times of great expansion, the Divine Feminine has returned to be honored and awaken once again..

Are you ready to be you and truly live the path that your soul designed?

  • Clearing the unhealthy cords in the Heart and Sacral Chakras
  • Awakening your True Soul Purpose
  • Connect to your Inner Goddess
  • Remember the truth of who you
  • Re-balance the masculine/feminine energy in your body
  • Reclaim your power and wisdom throughout time
  • Joy and Balance living



$108 each private or $44 in a group of 8

This is in a series of 9 sacred temples initiation you don't have to do all nine to see the changes that will occur in your life. This is a powerful activation and one that is committed to self. 28 day to 40 days apart around the moon cycles. We honor the Mother Moon and all faces as with the cycles of Earth and the 4 elements water, fire, earth, and air. Honor respect the Way.

Temples of the Roses

Overseen by the Office of the Divine Mother, Order of Christos-Sophia and Office of the Holy Spirit and thru the office of Divine Imperial Grace Councils. Angelic Legions of Light and Ascended Masters from Sirian Star.

Sacred Rose flames are the keepers are of the Sacred Heart & Sacred Unions.

Lady Isis - Sacred Temple of the Black Obisan Rose - Sacred Life - Divine Magic

Lady Sophia ~ Sacred Temple of Diamond Rose - Purity, Innocence, Grace

Lady Magdala ~ Sacred Temple of the Rudy Rose - Passion, Holy Desire, Purpose

Lady Mary - Sacred Temple of Emerald Rose - Harmony, Healing & Abundance

Lady Venus - Sacred Temple of Sapphire Rose - Beauty, Creation & Divine Will

Lady Quan Yin - Sacred Temple Of Pearl Rose - Mercy, Compassion

Lady Nada - Sacred Temple of Golden Rose - Holy Heart, Divine Union, Service

Lady Sarah - Sacred Temple of Amber Rose - Divine Wisdom & Divine Power

Lady Portia - Sacred Temple of Amethyst Rose - Transformation, Freedom Oneness

Drawing on sacred traditions from ancient wisdom and teaching, this session is designed to bring in the activation and tools to balance the masculine and feminine energies within, reconnect you to Divine energies and assist you in living more consciously. This activation will begin to release and clear the lineage of old imprint patterns carried on from generation to generation. This is a core energy point within the sacral chakra is called the Sacred Holy Womb, one of the most sacred and powerful points within our bodies the second is our Heart Center. When cleared and reconnected it allows you to flow and create with the Divine energy and live in your truth and overall well being along with a feeling of wholeness and oneness.


  • Insecurities
  • Imbalance hormones
  • Mental Fog
  • Stress
  • Family Karma Patterns from Lineage
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Codependency


  • Feeling Empowered
  • Balance Mind, Body Soul
  • Soul - Nourishing Relationships
  • Allowing, Respect and honor for self and others
  • Living your passion
  • Abundance flowing
  • Overall well being and vitality
  • Mental Clarity
  • Healthy Emotions

Women's Circle - A Sacred Sisterhood Gathering -

This meetup is for Spiritual Women who need support and a Sacred Sisterhood to assist in walking a path of Love, Truth, and Joy -

This Sacred Circle offers support, sharing and information on being spiritual women in today's realities and walking a path of transformation. "The Goddess Path"

As women, we have 3 beautiful stages in life, all important to the soul's unfoldment but many times we don't understand these changes and get stuck, overwhelmed and we don't develop gracefully.

For ages 36 and up-

Due to all the upcoming shifts, I will offer ongoing support and information at no cost - for those wishing to Share, Heal, Laugh and Celebrate life - We meet Twice a Month on Mondays at 7 pm. Each month may vary so contact to Mia Toska at 330-234-1234 for further information.