January Happenings at the Pillars ....

Greeting Family of Light - Welcome and Embrace This New Year of 2019 with Joy and Gratitude! This year will be a lot different than any year that has come before it. The first six months will be action packed and filled with new and exciting changes and a choice to walk a pathway of the Heart.

For those who have been on their spiritual journey for a while now this will be a grand year and for those of you just awakening much learning and wisdom will coming forth and fill your lives with newfound insights.

We will offer many classes on all levels, and we will focus on personal spiritual growth and development to unify the Mind, Body and Soul.

Below are the upcoming January events, calls and class and special monthly private sessions located at the Pillars of Enlightenment or join in by conference call.

If this is your first time joining our calls or events we welcome you with an open heart - Many thanks and appreciation the those of you that are returning. We value Family of light and Looking forward to continuing to building unity community in 2019 -

Hope, Faith & Love,
Ledian & Mia Toska


Astrology Soul Readings

  • Natal Birth Chart
  • Progressive Chart
  • Relationship Astrology
  • Financial Astrology
  • Karmic Astrology
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Medical Astrology
  • Past, Present and Future lives Reading

Call Ledian for more detail or to schedule a session 216-785-6204

This is the best time of year to check in with your astrology and get an insight on new directions . Ledian Looks at the As above transits with your natal and progressive charts to guide you to your best outcomes. His readings are deep and at the soul level for greater transformation.

$144 each - Session times are 1 ½ hour by phone or in person


by Phone & In Person

  • ~Jan 5 th 7pm New Moon Meditation & Channeling
  • ~Jan 11 th 7pm Pathway to Ascension
  • ~Jan 21 th 7pm Full Moon Meditation & Clearing
  • $18 each

Energy Exchange - $18 - Members $15


Rose Temple Activations
in person or by phone

Lady Master Mary Magdalene
~ Sacred Temple of Christ Consciousness

Lady Magdalene is one of The 12 Earth Mothers that created all the crystalline gridlines and sacred portals of the Earth body in preparation for mankind many moons ago.

The Magdalene energy was first made manifest in ancient Atlantis in the body of a high priestess within the temple of the Divine Mother. The Magdalene Flame is the feminine heart flame that assists mankind to align to their creation potential through the heart of Source - This is a the Higher Temple of the Ruby Rose of the 6 ray - It is the 12 ray of Golden Rose of Christ Consciousness.

There will be 3 temple activations this year - Jan, July and Dec to prepare us for the 2020 Rapid DNA Crystalline Gateways


Classes & Events - In person Only

  • ~Jan 8th - 7pm - Inner Peace with Tao - $20
  • ~Jan. 14th - 7pm - Woman Transformation
  • ~Jan 20th 1-3 pm - Crystal Workshop - $11
  • ~ Jan 27th 4pm - Angelic Diamond Light Codes - $25 members $20


Energy Exchange