June Happenings at the Pillars ....

Greetings Family of Light,

June is a month of beautiful blooms inside and out - A wonderful time to slow down to smell the flowers, take notice of your life and allow your heart to open so it can remember the way. ~

Below are the upcoming June events, calls and class and special monthly private sessions located at the Pillars of Enlightenment or join in by conference call.

If this is your first time joining our newsletters, calls or events, we welcome you with an open heart. Many thanks and appreciation the those of you that are returning.

We value Family of light and Looking forward to continuing to building Unity Community in 2019 -

With Gratitude,
Ledian & Mia Chel

Astrology Consultations~ With Ledian

Need direction on love, health, career, new location, finical, and soul purpose. This Month special take $15 any session - Call Ledian for more detail or to schedule a session 216-785-6204

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Choose from one of these healing energy session. Take $15 off this month - Get 50% off for referrals. - Call Mia for More details 330-234-1234 or to schedule your appointment.

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Angel Spirit in Deep Space - colorful deep space background with Angel Wings on left side a swish of white light making an  s  shape and bright light bursting through the wings depicting Spirit Energy

BY Conference Call & In Person


  • June 1st - 7pm Monthly Angelic Guidance for your Mind, Body & Soul! - $18 - Get an overview for June's energies and Powerful monthly Insights from the Angelic Kingdoms.
  • June 3rd -7pm New Moon Guided Meditation - $15
  • June 11th 7pm Ascension Support - $15 - How to Connect to the Higher Self and transform the Ego-self!
  • June 17th - 7pm Full Moon Guided Meditation - $15
  • June 30th - 4pm - Angelic Diamond Light Codes Ascension Cards - Understand law of polarity & Opening Heart with Archangel Michael & Angel Faith - $30 members $25
  • Call Mia for details or to RSVP 330-234-1234


~ June13th - 930- 3pm - $77 limited space Violet Flame Reiki Attunement with Quan yin and St Germaine - Great for empathic, highly sensitive or healers. This will bring protection and healing within and a deeper understanding how to use the Violet Flame

~ June 23 IET Advance Level 930-5pm- This is the 3rd level of IET healing and is a certificated class only 3 spots avail. $245 RSVP

~June 24th Woman's Transformation Circle- A gathering of the Sisterhood of the Rose. no Cost - Join us for sharing, caring and learning, In good faith and hope to Raise the Vibration of ourselves, family and community.

Call Mia at 330-234-1234 for details