April Happenings at the Pillars ....

Greetings to the Family of Light -

The month of March is filled with opportunities to step into new directions and create something new!

Welcome April - This month is a time to slow down a little, so we can take actions from a higher point of view. All this clearing the last few months has opened us up to much-needed clarity. There will be a lot of new ideas, creatively and visions, and we may see the finish line but can't seem to get there yet. Have patience and courage as we leap into new areas.

Ledian and I are here to assist you along your soul's pathway, and we are honored to offer sessions to help with the integration of this month energy.

Also, Check out our new spiritual mentoring sessions, they are designed to support each person were they are, so they can "Walk in their light and live their truth."

May the Light shine upon your Path
Ledian & Mia Chel


Below are the upcoming April events, calls and class and special monthly private sessions located at the Pillars of Enlightenment or join in by conference call.

If this is your first time joining our newsletters, calls or events we welcome you with an open heart - Many thanks and appreciation the those of you that are returning.

We value Family of light and Looking forward to continuing to building Unity Community in 2019 -


This healing energy session is for you...... if you on your pathway of ascension in hopes to elevate for the upcoming Paradigm Shift.

The Atlantean Emerald Light Healing™ is Divinely brought forth to assist you in strengthening the physical body and raise your vibration to hold the new light frequencies and live with mind-heart -body balance.

This healing session is unique to each client and will greatly assist you on the Path of Light, as well as, connect you to the Emerald Crystalline Heart of GAIA, so you can embrace and achieve a sense of belonging, purpose, and harmony with life.

Additional Benefits:

  • Awakening Hidden Talents, Gifts, and Inner Wisdom
  • Deeper Physical Healing of the Bones and Organs
  • Connection to Heart -Soul
  • Increased Healing powers
  • Balancing of your Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit
  • Physical Pains Eases
  • Opening Chakra and Higher Chakras
  • Experience Less Stress, Anxiety and Fears

Call Mia at 330-234-1234 for appointment.

by Phone & In Person

  • ~April 1st 7pm Angelic Connections - A Month Energy Forecast $18
  • ~April 5 th 7pm New Moon Meditation & Channeling - $18 member $15
  • ~April 11th 7pm Pathway to Ascension - $18 member $15
  • ~April 16th 7pm- Shield of Michael- Protection and Cord Cutting $33
  • ~April 19 th 7pm Full Moon Meditation & Channeling - $18 member $15
  • ~April 28th 4pm - Angelic Diamond Light Cards - How to use the Diamond light Symbols for Archangel Gabriel for 3rd eye chakra activation - $30 members $25

Call Mia for details or to RSVP 330-234-1234

Classes & Events - In Person Only

  • ~April 7th 1-3 pm -Crystal Healing Workshop - $15 members $11
  • ~April 15th - 7pm - Woman Transformation Circle- A gathering of the Sisterhood. - Ideas into Action is theTheme - no cost
  • ~ April 27th - 11-1 pm Reiki & IET Share - Healing and Prayer Circle - Love Donation
  • Call Mia at 330-234-1234 for details

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