Dec. Month Calls/Classes
Dec. 1st - 7pm est
Angelic Energy Forecast & Special Codes of Light
Call in only
Dec 2nd -1:30-3:30 pm
Crystal Workshop
$11 - ongoing class
Dec. 7th - 7pm est
New Moon Guided Mediation
Dec 11th- 4:30pm est
Ascension Support - $11 members no cost
"special time"
Dec. 11th - 7 pm est
Inner Peace with the Tao - $20
in person only
Dec 13th - IET Steps to transformation - Forgiveness Process $30 members $25
Dec 16th-1-3 pm
Crystal Workshop
$11 - ongoing class
Dec. 22rd - 7 pm est
Full Moon Guided Meditation
Dec 27th - 7pm est
Heart link & Healing w ArchAngel Michael Releasing Fear & Worries
Dec 29th - 4 pm est
New Year Intentions
$22 - members $18


$144 - $108 for Angelic Monthly Members
What is transforming Karma to Dharma?
The Karmic Broad along with the Angelic Legions of Light work with your unified energy fields to bring forth Divine Light to assist in cleansing the energy fields, see the lessons as blessings, understanding and releasing energetic blockages that keep you in a low frequency and stuck in a karmic loop, where you keep attracting the same kind of people, places, things, and events. This session is most powerful and needed at this time of great expansion, this will allow you to align with your pathway and divine soul’s blueprint and live the life that was design for you.

How to connect to your Angels and Guides
December 15th 10-3 est
 - $144 - $88 for membres

As a channeler of the Angelic Realms since childhood one thing I can guarantee is that anyone can communicate with the angels and everyone has master guides and guardian angels . It is simpler and easier than you may think. Simply put: raise your vibration, meditate, and find out how you are wired to receive guidance. The messages are daily but we miss them due to our own perceptions.
Connect to the angels to help you raise your vibration and find your souls direction.
In this one day workshop you will learn: 
What you'll learn
  • You will know how to recognize signs from your angels and master guides
  • You will confidently interpret the messages your angels and master guides send
  • You will grow your confidence in your connection to your guardian angels
  • You will learn how to protect yourself spiritually & energetically
  • You will learn how different energies affect your daily life
  • You will learn how your angels can help bring more love & happiness into your life
  • You will discover how to see, hear, sense and feel the messages your guardian angels and master guides give you
  • You will discover how angels can bring inspiration, new ideas & creativity into your life

Women's Transformation Circle
~A Sacred Sisterhood Gathering
Dec 3rd at 7 pm

For Women who need support and a sisterhood to assist with Awakening the Goddess within - For ages 36 and up- Due to all the upcoming shifts I will offer support and information for those wishing to embrace the Divine Feminine. - 7pm no cost. RSVP to Mia 330-234-1234

Pillars of Enlightenment
20545 Center Ridge Suite 108#
Rocky River, Ohio 44116
All the conference calls are this number
515-604-9805 code 181911#
playback number is
515-604-9655 code 181911 #

Sessions being offered

  • Metaphysical Psychology
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrology Soul Readings
  • Life Purpose Readings
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Past lifes Healing
  • Releasing Karmic Ties

  • Starseed Blueprints
  • Angelic Blueprints
  • Chakra/Auric Clearing
  • Angel Readings
  • IET Healing Sessions
  • Diamond Light Angel Therapy
  • New Crystal Therapy

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