A Healthy Way to Heal from Distressing Break Ups – Clear the Cords

Breaking up from your loving relationship seems like the world has come to an end. Romantic relationships bring along a mixture of emotions and lovers welcome them whole-heartedly. One of these emotions is Rejection – rejection of existence, assistance, and acceptance. And the truth is that our individual reactions to this rejection vary by factors such as gender, age, level of involvement, and attachment style. Our responses are overruled by post breakup emotional changes and this may result in depression if not healed on time. Dealing with the feeling of Who I am without You is the initial step. If you have experienced a breakup recently, following these proven steps religiously would help you in healing your emotional system:


Identify, eradicate and boycott places, times, dates and activities that remind you of you ex-partner and the moments spent together. Find alternatives and let go the feelings attached to those strings. Adjusting your old routine this way would bring you at a level where you can cope up with this unexpected change in your life.


One of the best ways to recover from a broken relationship is gathering a group of friends with whom you can enjoy light moments. Keep yourself engaged.


Get in quest of self-discovery. Explore answers to questions such as "Who am I now?" and "Where do I go from here?". Take time to know your individual self. In the term of your loving relationship, you may have molded your interests and likings in those of your partner’s and become a part of the two where your individuality is left behind. You need to find ways to rediscover yourself.


Once you find your true self, you need to focus on your needs, desires, and wants that you kept yourself deprived of. Start planning for the future and pursue things that you longed for.


Do not clear the material things like images, cards, gifts, or emails as these are beautiful memories. They will remind you of the fact that you are a lovable person. However, you need to take care that you must refrain from getting in touch with the person who broke you, not even on social media.


No person is the same. So, do not be adamant towards accepting a new love. Cherish the connection you had with your ex and welcome a blooming relationship with a new loveable person.

While these are simple steps to follow that will help your healing process, certain guidance is always required. We, at Pillars of Enlightenment offer sessions that have helped relations heal and bloom up to beautiful moments. Our sessions slowly take you towards the eternal self-approval phase and churn out a new you in you. Please contact Candie at 216-785-6204 or visit https://www.pillarsofenlightenment.com/services/love-relationship/ to know more about our sessions.

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