Practice Empathy to Harness Spiritual Happiness

In your quest for happiness, it is often possible that you forget to have enough consideration for other’s feelings. Empathy defines the sensibility of stepping into another person’s shoes to understand their feelings and perspectives. It is the art of realization and demands purposeful efforts by an individual to guide along a way that leads to experiencing spiritual joy. One cannot attain eternal happiness by himself. The entire world, including nature (flora and fauna) is responsible for your happiness. So, it is essential that you empathize with them and reach to the pinnacle of spiritual solace.

  • Empathize because it is nature’s way
  • Empathize because it heals broken relations
  • Empathize because it resolves conflicts
  • Empathize because it strengthens connections
  • Empathize because it builds trust

Once you realize what the other feels, you are more sensitive toward finding your soul’s purpose. The Universe takes what you give and returns similarly. Thus, the miracle happens! When you start understanding how others feel, you try to act sensibly and people too respond likewise. Therapeutically, empathy dissolves defenses and encourages acceptance.

It is far ahead of SYMPATHY

Although sympathy and empathy are alike words, they differ greatly in meaning. While sympathy is about actions, empathy is more about feelings. A person who is sympathetic but not empathetic appears a little shallow as there is a less emotional connection in their behavior while empathetic people are often sympathetic.


The first step is detecting their emotional state. If you can feel that state, detecting becomes even more accurate. The trick in spotting feelings is to closely observe the other person’s response to external events. Once you start observing minor changes, the greater your potential ability at empathizing is. Here, it is important that you do not get swamped by others’ emotions. You need to learn to dip in and out of the association i.e. get in and test the temperature and then get out of the state and think rationally. Learning to be empathetic is no one-day turnover. It is a skill and has to be learnt by investing purposeful efforts. For this, you may need the assistance of spiritual guidance sessions as one who knows can teach you well.

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