Synergize Your Chakras to Attain Physical Vitality

Your physical self is a proof of your existence and awakening Chakras is the only way to attain physical vitality. Apart from the worldly elements (water, food, air) that energize and rejuvenate your body, there is an eternal bliss that exchanges energy for the body – The Chakras, circular shaped energy centers that are located along the spine.

There are seven major and twenty-two minor Chakras in the human body. Each Chakra is primarily related to certain organs and any occurrence of any physical or emotional traumas may affect the health of your Chakra and create an imbalance. Too much or too little energy focused on a particular Chakra hampers the ability to receive, express and experience the impairment of emotions negatively. With a non-functional or out-of-balance Chakra, energies are blocked and one may not be in a position to experience feelings associated with that Chakra allowing more diseases to manifest. An individual may pull negative energy like fear, anger, doubt, etc. and build rigid patterns, invite toxins, and breed negative emotions, which can lead to physical imbalances if not released.

It is important to absorb finer levels of energy from the universe. Chakras transform this energy via the endocrine glands that is responsible for hormonal balance in the body and has a powerful impact on an individual’s physical well-being as well as his moods and emotions.

Chakra Color Element Organs Associated Values
Root Chakra Red Earth Seat, Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, Perineum, Anus Foundation & Security
Sacral Chakra Orange Water Belly, Intestine, Womb, Sexual organs, Below navel, Bladder, Sacrum, Low back Creativity, Emotions & Sexual Health
Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow Fire Kidneys, Adrenals, Diaphragm, Stomach, Solar Plexus Personal Power, Confidence & Individuality
Heart Chakra Green Air Heart, Lungs, Immune system, Circulation, Thymus gland Unconditional Love & Compassion
Throat Chakra Blue Air/Ether Lower neck, Vocal chords, Jaw, Thyroid gland, Throat Self Expression & Clear Communication
Third Eye Chakra Purple Ether/Light Eyes, Pituitary gland, Sinuses, Lower brain, Between the eyebrows Conscious Perspective & Intuition


Crown Chakra White Ether/Space Skull, Pineal gland, Upper brain, Nervous system, Crown, Enlightenment, Divinity & Spiritual Connection

Our entire being, comprising of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wants to be in perfect health to attain self-realization. By awakening Chakras, we ensure that all the senses and organs are balanced to relieve a person from external damages to the outer as well as the inner self. They are interconnected meaning that a slight damage to one of the Chakras may impact the other related ones too. So, consulting a Chakra therapist or trained counselor would help you attain physical vitality through Chakra balancing sessions.

Pillars of Enlightenment is one such blessed place where Ledian & Candie Toska lead you to understand the immortality of your soul and acknowledge you to the sole purpose of your existence. Our Chakra balancing technique utilize healing energy tools, guided imagery, crystals, essential oils, and vibrational sounds to align and heal your inner self and thereby cures physical illnesses. To attain physical balance and vitality by awakening all your Chakras, we suggest that you visit for details about our Chakra Balancing Sessions or feel free to call us at 216-785-6204.

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