Monthly Membership

Become a Member of the Angelic Family of Light….

Angelic Light Codes is weekly light activation and video messages along with clearing of the energy fields to assist you in raising your vibration and aligning with the cosmic consciousness on a mind, body, soul level.

Membership is $12 a month - As a member, you will also receive discounts and specials.

The member will also receive an email with weekly information to assist with energies, a message from the Angels and a video message from Mia & Ledian every Sunday at 9 am. Every Monday each week at 4:44 pm Angelic Light Codes Activation & clearing is sent out energetically to all members, assisting them in finding the harmonious rhythm in their daily life and reconnection to the Angelic Kingdoms.

Some of the Benefits are:

    ~ Angelic Guidance & Comfort
    ~ Ascension Support
    ~ Mental & Emotional Balance
    ~ Elevating your Consciousness
    ~ Staying connected to the Family of Light
    ~ Maintaining wellbeing, balance & clarity
    ~ Intuition Enhancement

$12 monthly